Eats Poetry for Breakfast

Welcome to my Poetry Portfolio. 

Here on this website you will find my poems. For me, every poem I write is tattooed on my soul. It is a permanent part of me tattooed with indelible ink. This is why this website is called: Soul Tattooist.

I am a thriller writer who eats Poetry for Breakfast. I have a main website where I talk about what I’m working on currently, share my favourite things and obsessions, and talk all things writing and glimpses into my world.

You can find me online in all the usual places by clicking on the MENU links at the top right of this website.

Kim Koning Ink | Deadlines & Deadbodies

The Pen

I saw words in the ink

I wrote until the spiderweb tore

I wrote until their bloody cage broke

I wrote until their blood flowed

I wrote until I set them free

I wrote until their story breathed
© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.